Some Stats...

for those who enjoy them like me :)

these come from google analytics

where do people go first up?
30% of all my hits come straight to the front page
5.4% of all my hits have gone to the white chocolate rocky road recipe (and another 1.9% went to the tupperware version i posted)
3.8% go to my thermomix review
2.5% are after the honey parsnip soup recipe (almost all of these searchers are from britain)
2.3% come in for my favourite choc chip cookie recipe!

of course there's lots more but most of the rest of the higher ones are either christmas ones (! i think christmas has really skewed the figures!) or they come from links i've posted on EB ;))

so how do people get here?
* 5.38% Direct Traffic

* 59.14% Referring Sites

* 35.48% Search Engines

the top traffic sources:
google (organic) : 420 34.26%
members.essentialbaby.com.au (referral) : 313 25.53%
blogger.com (referral) : 85 6.93%
(direct) ((none)) : 66 5.38%
forumthermomix.com (referral) : 52 4.24%

top keywords people use to get here:
brazen culinary adventures : 32 7.36% (that includes you Melbourne googler ;))
thermomix review : 20 4.60%
rocky road thermomix : 11 2.53%
honey roasted parsnip soup : 10 2.30%
white chocolate rocky road : 9 2.07%

fascinating huh. i wish i had proper stats on visits to my blog but i didn't start using any of the widgets to see where people were coming from, when and how many until the past 6 months. i love knowing that other people are coming in and hope they try and enjoy some of my recipes! that is what they are here for :)

i'd also like to thank everyone else whose recipes i have 'borrowed' and made my own :)

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