Where can I Find More Thermomix Recipes?

UPDATE 17/2/13 I won't be updating this page at all now, there are just too many blogs out there these days. it's great in most ways but does make me nostalgic for the days when mine was one of few. seems everyone's on the buy a thermomix and blog about it wagon these days!

WOW! i cannot believe i have nearly 60 links below! i remember the days when thermomixer and i had pretty much the only tmx blogs around (well, english speaking anyway). tmx has really come a long way...

A Canadian Foodie
A Little bit of Thermomix Magic
A Starseed's Bimby Kitchen Adventures
A very foodly diary (mostly raw recipes)
Aussie in a Swiss kitchen
brazen's culinary adventures - my tmx recipes only
Bush Gourmand
Chook woman
cookingbase.com (links to other blogs)
Cooking with Tenina and her facebook page 
Daily Mixes
Failsafe cooking with the Thermomix
Farah's Thermomix (Malaysian)
Food.com (Recipezaar)
Foodie Mum
Forum Thermomix (busy forum)
Frozzie Gourmande (French Aussie blog)
Gasparini (Spanish based blog, not all recipes are tmx)
Gluten Free Geek (i am so excited, not only tmx, but also GF AND weightwatchers suitable!!! wow!)
Happy HINKS Thermomix
Home Cooked (Mama Bel)
Inner Solace
Inside the Rainglow Grotto (from NZ)
In the Mix Tricks
Joy's Thermomix Recipes & Modifications
Kitchen Vivacity (Vegan)
Make it Perfect
Making cents at home
Mish Mash of Food & Thermomix
Mixing it up in HK
My Little Thermomix
My Thermomix Hints
My Thermomix Recipes
Not Just Cake
Quirky Cooking
Real Meals (Failsafe)
Recipe Blog (Bonney cook)
Recipes on Rails (Warren's US recipes)
Rick's Thermomix Blog
Sarah and Carlos' Kitchen
Simone's Thermomix Essentials
Simplify My Life (raw food)
Surprisingly Domestic
Tebasile's Kitchen
The British Larder
The Bush Gourmand
The Kitchen Playground
The Opies : Family Food
The Passionate Cook (she doesn't have them tagged but search for thermomix in the search field, top left)
Thermomix Blogger in Canada
Thermomix Forum (very quiet forum)
Thermomix in Australia
Thermomix in North East Victoria
Thermomix Meals
Thermomix Recipes - Just another blog for Thermomix (mainly for TM21)
Thermomix Recipes and low carb treats
Thermomix Recipe Share Australia
Thermomix Tarif Defterim (Turkish & English recipes)
Thermotalk News and recipes for Thermomix users - Home
Tick of Yum
UK Thermomix's recipes
Vee's Thermomix Adventures
Weird, Wild and Wonderful (Canadian)
We love our Thermomix (Canadian Demonstrator)
Why is there Air? (UK blog)
Winos and Foodies

free PDF (Australian)

please post below or email me if you'd like a site or blog added to this list :)


Thermomixer said...

mama bel has one too - http://belcooks.blogspot.com/

Thermomix recipes said...

Thank you for the list im writing from Spain.

A Canadian Foodie said...

Did I ever say thank you for list me... I thought I had - but THANK YOU - thi sis such a great list, and I refer to it often... would you please mind changing the link for mine to my new site:
Thanks a bunch!
(love the makeover!)

Liz said...

Thanks so much for listing my bimby adventures blogette! I'm a huge fan, and this means a lot. Valerie is right, this is a fabulous list!

I have just started a Facebook group called "Thermomix Melbourne" - and in three days there are nearly 100 members. Very exciting! All are welcome so please take a look.

Thermomixer said...

Another one


Madame Thermomix said...

Way, hey, thanks for listing my blog on yours! It's a great way to spread the news about Thermomix, our Best Friend in the Kitchen. Keep up the good work!

frillypants said...

Thanks so much for listing my blog "Real (Failsafe) Meals". I seem to get lots of traffic from here. :)


frillypants said...

Well, I thought I left a comment last week??? Thank you for listing my Failsafe Diet blog "Real Meals". I seem to have lots of hits straight from here. I wonder why that is?? Thanks for the listing!!

Last night I did home-made CRUMPETS!! Yum yum. :)

brazen's crafts said...

oops sorry, my fault! i forgot i had to approve comments :S

Tenina said...

WOW, great and comprehensive list Karen…superstar!

brazen's crafts said...

thanks tenina! i think i only had about 15 links when i started it lol

Anonymous said...

There is a great stall at the
Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra for gluten free cakes,slices and biscuits. Sundays 10-4pm.
Try it out, you won't be disappointed..

Anonymous said...


Come over and see us on facebook at Thermomix Recipe Share Australia

and Thermovixens.com

Megs and Cass

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen , www.mythermomixhints.wordpress.com would love to go on your list ..... Thanks!

Sonia said...

Hi Karen,

Please add my blog to your fab list! I'm just starting out both with my thermo and blogging!




Wilbursmum said...

Thanks for the link to my blog!! Love yours!

brazen's crafts said...

you're welcome :)

The Bush Gourmand said...

What a comprehensive list, Karen! Great work, and thanks for including mine.

Foodie Mum said...

What a great list! I love discovering new Thermomix blogs.

I'd love for my site to be added too. It's http://www.foodiemum.com

Thanks :)

Paula said...

Great idea! I'd love you to add my blog :) I could be the only Thermomix owner in Hong Kong! I'd love to hear if there are any others? I started my blog just a few months ago. The address is http://mixingituphk.blogspot.hk/
I'm also on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mixingituphk
Thanks :)

Joanne T Ferguson said...

G'day and big thanks for your time in providing this wonderful list, true!
I enjoy following your blog too!
I recently had access to a TMX, now a PROUD and EXCITED owner...
Made over 80 recipes in less than three weeks...started a series of blog posts called Dear Thermalina...for people who may not be sure (as I was) whether the Thermomix is REALLY for them too!
Can I be added to your list?
Thank you!
Cheers! Joanne
Twitter = @mickeydownunder
FB = http://www.facebook.com/whatsonthelist
HEAPS more posts and recipes to come!