Rice Milk

I am attempting to be dairy free (not succeeding really, i love my dairy so much, plus i keep forgetting it is in foods such as pesto etc lol) and have switched to rice milk in preference to soy milk which I'd rather avoid in any quantity.

This milk is really nice - i do find it separates so isn't great for coffee (i drink it with a teaspoon now so i can keep stirring lol) but it is lovely for everything else :)

it's from Jo at Quirky Cooking who i MUST add to my blog list! (i keep saying that but i've been totally slack at updating my blog lately)

Rice Milk
50g brown rice
30g raw cashews
960g filtered water
1 tablespoon grapeseed (or other mild flavoured) oil
30g maple syrup
pinch of salt

Place rice in dry TM bowl and grind for 1 minute speed 8. Add cashews and grind until it stops hitting the sides (30-60 seconds)

Add remaining ingredients and cook at 60 degrees, 7 minutes, speed 4

Puree on speed 8 for 40 secs, then strain into jug (i have washed out an couple of old 2L milk bottles and use those). It will need a really good shake before each use!

you can see some of Jo's tips for making this here

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