Happy New Year!

i can hardly believe there are only 6 hours left of 2008. it seems the older you get, and the more kids you have, the faster time goes. i remember when i was a child the 6 weeks of summer school holidays seemed to last forever and they were an amazing time, spent mostly at the pool, enjoying the gorgeous weather (it always seems like perfect summer weather in my memory). now it flashes by and autumn arrives with me wishing I'd "done" more with the summer instead of wasting it.

anyway, all the best for tonight's celebrations and for 2009 to you all :) we are not doing anything - we were supposed to be going to a party with friends but i am feeling miserable with a headcold and will be in bed (again) as soon as possible tonight.


a parcel arrived for me yesterday - a copy of Gluten Free and Easy by Robyn Russell. It's an australian book which looks really lovely and has ideas for making baked things which is what i really wanted - main meals are pretty much no brainers but it's the snacks and treats that i need help with. I checked out the book in Dymocks a week or 2 ago but had left my purse at home by accident (oops) then found it was cheaper on the book depository site anyway :) I also have one more book coming, i think it's this one which it turned out my sister already had (isn't it always the way?!)

today we had pizza for lunch and as i didn't have all the flours needed for any of the pizza base recipes i could find (i feel like my head is going to explode with the variety of GF flours) so i used the Laucke bread mix i had in the cupboard. it was a mixed grain one and the grain were a little chewy but other than that it was delicious! it took about 5 seconds to mix in the tmx, and is then left 15 mins before a first bake. it will be very easy to make up a few bases and do that first bake and then freeze them ready for quick dinners. even geoff loved it and luckily rora did too!

tonight geoff is trying the bolognaise sauce recipe in the thermomix (starting with making our own mince with the whole rump i bought a while ago - it's making the best mince, definitely worth doing again!).

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