Picnic Fare

Lake Ginninderra
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we decided to go for a picnic today (don't ask how it went). gluten free picnic food is not a matter of just popping to the store for a BBQ chook and some bread rolls!!! hmmm

so i ended up making:
chicken balls - chicken mince, onion, carrot, zucchini, GF breadcrumbs, egg and a large spoonful of thai red curry paste (mix was really really sloppy unfortunately but the balls still tasted good in the end)
rice paper rolls - wrapped around the leftover nasi goreng lol (a hit with rora)
frittatta - with corn, onion, a little buckwheat flour, dried parsley (i had no fresh) and some parmesan cheese
tomato wedges & cucumber sticks
and some sweet chilli sauce and tomato sauce for dipping

it was a nice meal even if the company (of the under 6's) was annoying to say the least ;p

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