Sesame Crackers (GF, TMX)

thanks to Elana from Elana's Pantry for this one!

i made a half mix as i didn't have enough almonds to do the full mix. we found them a bit salty so I would only add half the salt next time. using a pizza cutter made them superfast to make!

320g almonds (note the original recipe called for blanched, i just used raw)
1/2-3/4 tspn vegemare salt
150g sesame seeds
2 eggs
30g grapeseed oil

place almonds in the tmx. chop on speed 6-8 until they are ground - around 30-40 seconds? (sorry, mine were already done lol)

add in all other ingredients. mix for 40-50 seconds on reverse, closed lid and the wheat/knead setting.

remove from thermomix and form into 4 balls. place the 3 balls aside and one on top of your baking sheet or a piece of baking paper. place a piece of baking paper flatten it out slightly with the heel of your hand, then roll it out until it is only 1-2mm thick.

cut into 3cm squares with a pizza cutter. remove any little side pieces of the first 3 balls / trays and add them to the next ball (less messy scrappy crackers that way!)

bake at around 180'c (my oven just gets worse and more unreliable so it may be a slightly lower temp you need) for 10 minutes until golden brown. cool and serve. nice on their own or with dips or cheeses :)

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