New Stats

I just noticed that I had a tag of "blog stats" and went to check it out, you know how I love stats ;) I posted it just over a year ago and thought it might be interesting to compare - if I can remember how to find the info in google analytics lol I'll put last year's figures in brackets*.

where do people go first up?
22% (30%) of all my hits come straight to the front page
9% go to the page to find more Thermomix recipes (5.4% of all my hits have gone to the white chocolate rocky road recipe (and another 1.9% went to the tupperware version i posted))
6% (3.8%) go to my thermomix review
4% go to my very out of date list of MY thermomix recipes (2.5% are after the honey parsnip soup recipe (almost all of these searchers are from britain))
and 2% just look at the thermomix tag which IS up to date with all my thermomix recipes ;) (2.3% come in for my favourite choc chip cookie recipe!)

well, that's interesting that a year down the track it's almost all thermomix related...

the next 5 are my review of cyndi o'meara's gluten free bread, sweet treats, winter warmers, my thermomix carrot cake recipe and the pumpkin risotto for the thermomix recipe :)

so how do people get here?
* 9% (5.38%) Direct Traffic

* 53% (59.14%) Referring Sites

* 38% (35.48%) Search Engines

the top traffic sources:
google (organic) : 5,364 - 36.76% (420 - 34.26%)
forumthermomix.com (referral) : 1,561 - 10.70% (52 - 4.24%, was 5th)
members.essentialbaby.com.au (referral) : 1,408 - 9.65% (313 - 25.53%)
(direct) ((none)) : 1,281 - 8.78% (66 - 5.38% was 5th)
thermorecipes.blogspot.com (referral) : 1,156 - 7.92% (was blogger.com (referral) : 85 - 6.93%)

top keywords people use to get here:
thermomix review 796 14.21% (20 4.60%, was 2nd)
thermomix recipes 267 4.77%
thermomix reviews 239 4.27%
brazen culinary adventures 159 2.84% (32 7.36%, i now seem to have about 5 or so people all over the world who google my blog name specifically to get in)
thermomix price 91 1.62%
last year (rocky road thermomix : 11 2.53%, honey roasted parsnip soup : 10 2.30%, white chocolate rocky road : 9 2.07%)

and the next 5 are honey roast parsnip soup, carrot cake thermomix, gluten free chocolate cake, honey roasted parsnip soup and review thermomix

* i think last year I didn't get the whole year's stats, but a shorter period. unless my visitors have increased x10...


Thermomixer said...

Goodness me - where do you get the stats from ?

Have no idea who even bothers visiting me.

brazen's crafts said...

i signed up for google analytics in late 2008 i think - tells you all that :)