Primo Mondo Cafe, Campbelltown

Last week we headed off to visit my in laws in Campbelltown, and my mother in law wanted to take us all out for dinner. Geoff googled for gluten free places to eat out and came up with Peppers, a steak house which didn't look or sound particularly child friendly (plus it was very expensive). I remembered having seen a pizza place and did some googling of my own and found it.

Primo Mondo
R6, Centric, Park Central, 4 Hyde Parade, Campbelltown Orders/Bookings - Tel: 4626 2457

Reviews I read (but I can't be bothered to find where they were now lol) said the food was ok but the service was slow and that was definitely our experience (though i think it was more due to only one chef in the kitchen than the service itself). After a slow start we didn't get there til between 7 & 730pm and we didn't get our food til closer to 9pm - we usually eat dinner at 6/6:30ish so you can imagine how hungry the kids were!

Unfortunately the only gluten free food they had was the pizza (they said they'd run out of pasta so obviously they usually do have that) so we couldn't even order an entree to fill them up temporarily.

When the pizza arrived Rora enjoyed it very much and ate half a pizza on her own!!!!!!!!!!!! She had ham and cheese on it.

We were going to get some gelati to take home and they did have gluten free varieties but explained all the gelati was made on the same machine so contamination was possible, so we didn't worry.

as for the food, it was OK. Geoff and I shared a BBQ Carne pizza and a gnocchi with pesto. The pizza was pretty good but I wasn't happy that the pesto was creamy, ugh. I thought the food was fairly average, especially for the price (though, to be fair, all the restaurants in that area were much the same price. I'm assuming Sydney prices must be higher than Canberra prices). Certainly the quality was much the same, if not slightly below that of our fave Zeffirelli

However if you are in the Campbelltown area and are looking for a GF option give it a try for sure.

and if you know of any other places in the area worth trying - for a coeliac child who doesn't eat salads etc - please let me know!

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