Gluten Free Bread, Cyndi O'Meara's Thermomix Recipe

Gluten free bread is one of the things that it's nearly impossible to make like regular gluten bread. Rora seems happy to have most kinds of bread that i make for her - i make almost all the bread we have because of the price of the bought loaves - generally around $6-8 for a small loaf of maybe 12 slices of bread!!! for the most part gluten free bread is not suitable for sandwiches (certainly not packed sandwiches) but is ok as toasted or toasted / grilled sandwiches.

We all like Cyndi's recipe, and i've used it to make little dinner rolls for us all, as well as to make regular bread for Rora. The recipe is in the Thermomix Gluten Free Wheat Free cookbook as well as Cyndi's Changing Habits Changing Lives book (i think it might be the accompanying recipe book).

it's a dense bread and i usually put in double the amount of seeds cyndi suggests - i usually use about 80-90g combined of sesame, linseed, sunflower, pepita and / or chia seeds. the chia seeds are high in protein and very good for you!

as you can see even though Rora was very wary of bread for the first few months - she knew it hurt her tummy to eat bread - she quite likes this bread occasionally :)

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Niki said...

My thermie demonstrator made this bread for me and it was fantastic. I tried it today - I followed the recipe exactly - but it wouldn't cook through. I ended up taking it out of the oven after an hour and it was still a bit sticky insided. It is edible, but not great. Do you have any idea where I might have gone wrong? Thanks, Niki

brazen's crafts said...

hey niki, i just replied on the forum (linked to this post actaully as i didn't realise you'd posted lol). i'm not sure i can help unfortunately :( i've had one disaster like yours but the other times have worked well.

oh and yes, tapioca starch and arrowroot powder are the same (well, technically they're not but what you buy in the shops is!)

J said...

This is a really helpful review. I have been told to make this one to take with me to demo's if there are 'gluten free' guests. I have tried a couple of gluten free loaves in the past but have always found they fall apart.