A night at Rama's...

we haven't been there often, but Rama's is one of the few gluten free restaurants in Canberra. On Sunday night we were looking for somewhere to go out with Geoff's family and decided on Rama's. it's a Fiji-Indian restaurant located in Pearce, just south of woden, next to Ethiopia Down under (also GF recommended), 2 doors from Deeks GF cafe and next to the foodworks where you can buy deeks products when deeks is closed. a real little GF hub!

Luckily we were able to squeeze in on an early table and it proved to be a great place to take kids as it is noisy enough to cover their noise (but we could still hear) and all the staff seemed very patient of the children.

the owner of Rama's is really lovely and my memory of her from our other (pre-kids) visits was that she likes to personally visit each table for a quick chat at some stage in the evening.

we opted for the cheaper banquet on the menu and it was quite delicious and very popular with us all - there was none left! despite us carefully picking a largely GF restaurant the kids only ate pappadums and rice LOL rora did try some of the lamb and wanted more but unfortunately by the time she realised it was all gone :(

not everything at rama's is gluten free but the menu clearly sets out which items are and which aren't. in our banquet only the samosas and roti were gluten foods.

"Rama's Delight"


Main Meals:
Lamb Rogenjosh
Beef Vindaloo
Chicken Korma
Vegetable Bombay

Side Dishes:
Roti (Bread)

Dinner: $29.00 per person
Lunch: $25.00 per person (cash only) or
$29.00 per person (Credit Card payment)
Inc. GST

i highly recommend Rama's for a GF meal, eat in or takeaway - if you want to eat in you WILL need to book, it is VERY popular!

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