Menu Plan

yesterday we did our food shopping for the week. we went to jamison because it has the allergy centre as well as coles (great selection of GF - not that we made it in there yesterday) and aldi. because choku bai jo is closed until after new year and we forgot about the farmers markets on saturday we bought our F&V in aldi and at go troppo. i have to say that shopping elsewhere every so often is a good thing as it reminds me just how fantastic and fresh the produce at CBJ is and the prices are the same if not less than anywhere else. i HATED paying the prices for the crappy stuff we bought yesterday :(

anyway, here is our menu, in no particular order...

GF homemade chicken nuggets & chips (last night)
mini meatloaves, potatoes & veg
falafel & amaranth tabouli
a lentil & vegie dish of some sort
nasi goreng (probably tonight)
spag bol (will make a big pot to freeze)

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