Recipe Book Challenge #2

Ok, after making the yummy falafel last night thanks to karenmc, i'm moving onto the next book, which was #12 picked by dixie :)

it's a perfect week for it as i did no menu plan this week at all :S oh and very cool, i have been wanting to make vietnamese anyway!!!

#12 is "Vietnamese Cooking: recipes my mother taught me" by Anh Thu Stuart, 1987

i love this book because it is very authentic. how do i know? my boyfriend at uni was vietnamese and after i'd been going out with him for about 6 months his family arrived from vietnam (he and his brother had been boat people 10 years before). his mum taught me how to cook :) i love the freshness of vietnamese food, yum!

so this weekend i will make some spring rolls (i have wrappers in the freezer) and bbq pork balls to have in rice paper rolls. yummo!!! the thermomix will make the pork balls a breeze :D

if you'd like to have a pick please post in the original thread!


Thermomixer said...

My God - that's another book that I may have lent to somebody. I'll have to check when I get home. It is a different cover, so not accusing you ;), but same title and author. I have three other vietnamese cookbooks though so not all's lost.

I love the cleanness & freshness of the flavours - perfect for the weather we are having in Melb at present.

dixiebelle said...

Oh, yeah! Love Vietnamese, so can't wait to see recipes/ photos! They sound just like things I like to make, so thank you!