a Thermomix dinner

with rain and cooler weather tonight (and a huge lunch out) geoff wanted to make soup for dinner, so i suggested he try Lexie's lentil soup, with some TM31 bread on the side. (well actually i suggested foccacia but he wasn't organised in time to make that)

the soup was very nice and the kids all had THREE serves each!!! wow!

it's very garlicky and otherwise very smooth and creamy tasting, you'd never know it's sort of healthy lol

i do love the TM31 bread. ok so it's not light and fluffy like foccacia but it's so quick and easy to make and it's got to be better for you! it's made with whole wheat which is ground up in the thermomix - hence the darker colour you can see in the photo above.

it's not sandwich bread, but great as a dinner accompaniment.

thanks for the recipe lexie!

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