At last - a salad!

Dani, we have finally started our summer salads! i LOVE a huge salad with bits of everything in it! great as everyone can take what they like best (we still struggle to get the girls to get anything but the cheese, but we try!)

geoff made this for dinner on Thursday (he was home with ryan and i was at work all day) and it was delicious. he also marinaded and grilled chicken breasts which we had sprinkled over the top too.


Geoff's Thursday Salad
mixed greens of your choice (i always make sure i have rocket in mine ;))
baked or steamed diced sweet potato
finely sliced red onion
olives of your choice
fetta, cubed
tomato, diced (i wouldn't usually use tomato in a salad like this but ryan loves it)
and grilled sliced chicken breast

you could also add some :
toasted pine nuts or almonds
salad dressing,
diced crispy bacon

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