Thermomix Pullapart with Cheese & Olives

my team's turn for morning tea at work again today so i decided on waking just after 6 to make a pullapart. remind me not to attempt that on a work morning again will you? LOL i was pulling it out at 815 and racing out the door with it still hot!

i followed baf65's pullapart recipe, which she got from a TMX demonstrator - thank you to you both! i'll copy and paste it here to make it easy to find next time (there will definitely be a next time, just not before work ;))

i got soooo many compliments at work and people were having 2nds and 3rds! they were impressed at how light and fluffy it was and that i had made it myself ;) i think next time i will try a pesto one, yum

thsi recipe makes a large quantity - probably twice the size of the $5-ish bakers delight ones. (i said i should sell them at a profit lol)

750g Bakers Flour
450g lukewarm water
15g yeast
1 1/2 tsp salt
5 tbs oil

Filling - 120g herb butter (you can use herbs, garlic, sundried tomatoes, whatever takes your fancy mix in with the butter)

Prepare yeast dough and leave to rise
Roll dough out into a big rectangle
Spread butter over the dough
Cut rectangle in half widthways then cut 3-4cm wide strips lengthways
Fold strips into a concertina and arrange in a springform tin (lined with baking paper on the bottom)
Bake at 180c for 40-45mins (you can put straight into a cold oven without proving again or you can leave to rise and then put into warm oven)

my flavours were
- maybe half a cup of sliced black olives, half of those mixed with the butter on reverse in the tmx and the other half just sprinkled over
- half a block of feta i had left in the fridge, crumbled
- a small amount of tasty cheese sprinkled over the inside and the top

i could have easily doubled the olives and feta, and think brushing the top with milk would have looked nicer :)

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Thermomixer said...

Looks bloody nice to me - I would gobble it up no problems.

Bet they're sorry at work that you have been given the flick - suffer (or buy a Thermomix)