Camping Menu - first draft

Tuesday (arrive first campsite)
lunch - bread rolls with ham, cheese, & salad
dinner - hamburgers (frozen burgers)

breakfast - scrambled eggs & bread rolls or weetbix
lunch - buy on the day or baked beans or sandwiches
dinner - vegie nachos (frozen nacho mix)

breakfast - french toast & bacon or weetbix
lunch - buy on the day or spaghetti or sandwiches
dinner - chilli (frozen) & steamed rice

Friday (travelling between campsites)
breakfast - pancakes (with bacon, bananas, syrup, whatever is left) premix dry ingredients
lunch - buy on way
dinner - gnocchi with broccoli & pesto

breakfast - sausages, bacon, tomatoes, eggs & rolls
lunch - baked beans or buy
dinner - bbq sausages & marinated chicken with rice salad

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