Menu Plan

little bit late this week because i wasn't very inspired, plus i didn't feel up to stopping at choku bai jo after work yesterday, especially with it pouring cold rain and none of us dressed for it :(

tonight - a thai soup with tofu and bottom of the fridge end of week vegies lol inspired by the crockpot lady :)

pizzeria pot pie with vegies of some sort on the side
frittata - sweet potato, spinach and nuts of some kind (trying to get those iron levels up for rora!)
curried sausages (will get g to make this one and give more feedback on my recipe lol)
spice crusted pork fillet with salad and quinoa - finally going to try the quinoa lol oh, i've lost the pork recipe i wanted to use :( i think it was a fennel crusted pork fillet - if anyone recognises this can they please share?! otherwise i will have to invent lol
spag bol from the freezer ;)

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