please make sure that you sterlise all jars correctly before preserving.

please don't ask me how to do it as it is obvious i dont' know how... after giving myself food poisoning with the apple relish the other night. sigh. today is the first day i've had a real appetite.

and in that time i have found nearly 20 recipes in my subscribed blogs to save links to. don't you wish there were more days in teh week so you could try more recipes? lol

off to update my links, check them out shortly to see some delicious new ones, some healthy, some VERY not, some savoury, some sweet, some thermomix and lots not :)

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Dani said...

I usually run mine through the dishwasher. It's easier than the boiling stock pot immersion method and I've never had a problem. Unless the problem was the jar not sealed and bacteria worming it's way in?