a brief update...

i have hardly been cookign because i've been sick - so that was the end of the meat free week! lol geoff's idea of dinner almost always includes meat ;) he used the thermomix to make the easy chicken curry and beef stroganoff, plus i'm sure he cooked something else in it but i forget what now!

today has been my first day to cook since last week. today i made carrot cakes, foccacia, honeyed parsnip soup and finally got to try my apple mustard relish * with the sausages (organic & preservative free) i got at the griffith butcher ** the other day, smothered in thermomix made gravy (water, massel beef stock, flour and a dab of vegemite). also served with pumpkin and potato mash and lots of brussel sprouts - which ryan has discovered he likes :D yay, g & i are HUGE brussel sprout fans!!

* it was good! definitely needed more cooking but tasted good, especially with the gravy
** they had a bbq set up out the front and were selling snag sandwiches for $2 each, what sausage fan could resist buying more once one was tasted??

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