Challenge #2 - Recipe books!

ok, i know we probably all love using online as a resource, but i'm sure we all have at least a handful of recipe books :)

so share...

  1. please post a photo of your book collection on your blog, in your flickr, wherever you can and share the link in a comment here. (you can still play without a photo :))
  2. how many do you have? (rough is fine!)
  3. do you use them much? and if so how?
  4. share your favourites
  5. and if you have a favourite online site that isn't a blog please share that too!!!

here's mine!
  1. here's a link to a picture of all mine where they are pointed out and commented on
  2. last time i counted (over 4 years ago) i have nearly 70 plus magazines. in that time i have decluttered and got rid of some but invested in a few more lol. i still have a lot in another shelf to get rid of, including a heap of freebies if anyone's interested ;) i don't buy magazines much these days!
  3. i don't use them much *blush* and really only for inspiration. i admit that i generally do follow cake and cookie / biscuit recipes fairly closely the first time though.
  4. my favourite is my charmaine solomon asian cookbook, i'd love to update it some time! i'm also partial to jackie passmore's curry in a hurry and some of the old womens weekly ones such as the chinese cookbook etc
  5. mine are in the link down the bottom right of my blog of course! but the one i most go to, after tracey-leigh's recommendation, is taste.com.au

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Susana said...

Done. Great idea btw.