Mussamun curry, thermomix style

ok, so this went down VERY well with the family, but i wasn't impressed. i will probably do it again, because it went down well, and the thermomix does make it easy to do, but i prefer it done in the slow cooker to be honest.

i kind of followed one of the curry recipes in the thermomix book to make it.

1 large onion
lots of garlic (especially if you're sick like me, i think i used about 8 small ones)

* chop finely on speed 7, probably just around 5 seconds

Valcom Mussamun Paste, around 4 tabs or more if you aren't cooking for mr wimpy tongue ;p

* add paste and cook 90 secs on varoma speed 1

1 tin reduced fat coconut milk

* cook 90 secs on varoma speed 1

around 400-500g of beef or other meat (i used scotch fillet as that's all i had)
2 large potatoes, diced into 1 cm pieces
1/2 - 1 sweet potato, diced into 1 cm pieces (if you need more in your thermo, i definitely didn't have enough)
vegetable or beef stock, enough to top up the liquid to just below the level of the meat and veg

* cook for 16-20 minutes, temp 100' (please do not forget the temp, i guarantee it does not cook without it *sigh* hey, i'm sick right???!!!) and reverse speed 1 (i know the book says soft but mine was really struggling on soft)

* serve on jasmine rice. top with some chopped coriander if you have any (which i didn't)

* sit back in amazement when mr wimpy tongue eats seconds and then all his sisters' (plural) leftovers :-0

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