and today's child-friendly cooking effort...

decorating arrowroot biccies lol

high tech stuff!

arrowroot biccies (we use aldi brand ;))
icing sugar, maybe 2-3 cups
tiny amount butter (like 1/2 tspn)
small amount boilling water
pink or red food colouring - one drop
anything to make the faces - we used the leftover writing gel and purple, blue and green sprinkles

get teh kids to sift the icing sugar into a small bowl. i covered the bench with the tupperware pastry sheet in a failed attempt not to make too much mess lol

put your tiny bit of butter in and add enough hot water, a bit at a time, to mix it into a thick yet spreadable consistency. don't stress if you need to add more icing sugar (i always do!) add the food colouring to make 'skin' colour and mix well

spread the icing thickly on the biccies (yes this is guaranteed sugar high waiting to happen)

show the kids how to make the faces or do it for those too little to make their own (in our house 2 was too little and 3.5 and just turned 5 is big enough ;))

use the sprinkles as hair

let set for minimum 1/2 hour but if possible more like 2-3 hours before serving

great cheap and fun party food - i think we're going to do these for emelia's birthday party in september. you could even have guests make their own at the start of a party.

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Dani said...

Cute! It must be kiddy cooking day today. We had a big kitchen session too.