i don't even know where the past week went. i can tell you i am still recovering from being sick (and very over it) and that we didn't eat anything of any interest, it was low effort all the way!

on wednesday i did a superquick menu plan and a choku bai jo shop on the way home - and then promptly lost the damn menu plan!! because it was such a super quick one i have NOOOO idea what was on it! not only that but i have no idea what i bought so i know what to start with to come up with another!

i do know that tonights' dinner is to be a tofu and vegie soup - i think i might get some rice noodles for it too (the fat flat fresh ones)

thursday night we ate black beans for the first time (the dried type not the chinese type). it was my first time cooking from dried beans and i stuffed it up basically by putting too much liquid in teh slow cooker to cook them, thinking they'd need heaps to absorb. so dinner went from black bean tacos to chilli and rice with quesadillas. it was a bit bland but that's not to do with the beans but more to do with the fact i've run out of my taco spice mix and need to whip up a new batch.

this weekend i'm also going to make a slow cooker chicken cacciatore and some beef mince pies - friends' little girl is back in hospital for the second time this week (at least this time is canberra, the first was sydney) and another friend is organising a meal drive for them.

i did a homeshop this week too and am SO annoyed about it - i do a homeshop (woolies home delivery) every month or two or three, and i order the stuff that i want in bulk, so someone else carries and delivers for me, i also order in bulk any good specials. well this month they were out of stock on sooo much stuff, particularly stuff that i NEED, that today we're going to have to sgo shopping to get it all!!! FFS if i was going to have to go shopping i could have just done that and saved my goddamn $12.50 frickering delivery fee!!!! aaaaagh!!!


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