Grilled Lime Chicken with Thai Salad

well.... at work we have 2 booksellers who have boxes of books you can buy. i'm always always tempted by the recipe books despite the fact i have a million (over 60 since i cleared out / sold off some) and rarely use them lol

but before i planned my menu for the week i had had a look through one of them and found 2 recipes i wanted to make - the morroccan pork one and the lime chicken one. but when i went back to refresh my memory today .... the books had changed!!!!!

so i had to do a quick google for the lime chicken one (the moroccan one should be easy enough) but even so i feel like i've missed some vital ingredients. we'll see what it tastes like...


Chicken breasts, as many as you need (i used 2 and split them through into 4 thin pieces but will need to slice them up to make them go far enough - generally i would need at least 3 for my carnivores but i don't have 3!!)
2-3 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed
1 small lime, wash, cut the ends off, cut some slices (not too thin or they burn on the grill!) and cut the rest into pieces to be chopped / smashed up
coriander (or other asian herb)
optional - chilli, chopped, some oil perhaps, some grated ginger
i would probably also use a touch of brown sugar and just enough fish sauce to make it a little bit liquid
note: you definitely need a little sugar and fish sauce in this, and half a small lime is more than enough for 4 breasts - our 2 were a bit sour, the little carnivores rejected them!

you need to either finely chop or smash in mortar and pestle or chop in thermomix (about 10 seconds or less on speed 6-7) until everything is in small pieces and well mixed. apply to chicken.

marinate the chicken for about half an hour (not too much longer or the lime makes the chicken go a bit funny)

grill and serve as it is, or slice up and toss through the salad


greens of whatever kind you have / are in the mood for - ours are a coral lettuce and rocket, shredded
cucumber, julienned
carrot, julienned or grated
1/2 small red onion, finely sliced
1/2 red capsicum, finely sliced into strips
herbs including mint, coriander and basil, shredded
other vegies you might enjoy include bean sprouts
OH DAMN i meant to grill some pumpkin to have in it too!!! lol
note: salad was delicious, make sure you serve some dressing over the rice (rice was perfect with this). roasted peanuts would be fantastic in this too!

mix all salad ingredients well, top with dressing and toss to mix, serve with chicken and rice or rice noodles as desired

1-2 tspns brown sugar
maybe 3 tbs fish sauce
around 3 tabs white vinegar
splash of sesame oil (1/2 - 1 tpsn?)
you could also put into this more finely chopped garlic and chilli

ok, off to dish up and test....


dixiebelle said...

Looks great... just my style! Will have to try this one... with pumpkin!

brazen's crafts said...

i forgot to put lemongrass in teh recipe for the chicken - reason i forgot it was i forgot to buy fresh and used jarred which of course had no taste :(