Garlic Foccacia for morning tea...

thursdays are morning tea days at work. everyone is in one of 4 teams and each team provides MT once every 4 weeks. i usually try to provide something homemade as not many do and it's always nice to have homemade! i was tossing up this time between the prune cake or foccacia but it felt a bit cheap to just do foccacia but i had nothing to go with it. then i remembered that because most people in my team last time forgot, i had bought their shares but only one remembered to pay me! i think it cost me about $20-25 for my share of MT last month!!!! so i decided that foccacia was all good :D

as i was chopping garlic for dinner i did a garlic foccacia. this one didn't rise as much as the weekend's, but i'm not sure if it's because it wasn't as warm, or if it's because of something else. i just cut it to take the pic (and fit it in the container) and it seems ok inside, not tough or anything. on the weekend i cooked it at about 170'c (probably 180/190 really) and it seemed to cook better, whereas the recipe says to cook at 220'c.

anyway, i didn't really need to blog this but i took photos so might as well share lol

PS this was another thermomix recipe so making it took ummm 3 minutes i think, 1.5 hrs rise time and 20 minutes cookign time.


TheThingsIdTellYou said...

I don't suppose you could post a recipe on how to make foccacia? Without a thermomix? ;)

I want to start baking breads. But I don't have a breadmaker, and I'd love to do it the old fashioned way. Any tips?

brazen's crafts said...

sorry melissa! i'd love to but i am honestly hopeless at making bread without a breadmaker or thermomix! i can share the thermo recipe if you like, i'm sure it wouldn't vary for hand, it would just take longer ;)