Gai's Vegetarian chilli

Vege Tex Mex Chilli (mild to med)

1x Lg onion
2x cloves garlic
2x capsicums}remove seeds
2x jalepenos }& ribs

sate above in oil, add a little salt

add 1/2 bottle beer or 1 cup liquid vege stock

1xlg or 2x sm cans crushed tomatoes
1x can kidney beans
1x can black beans (or 3 bean mix)
1x can vege refried beans - add gradually whilst stirring

add (note I use handful in lieu of tab)
1 tab cayenne pepper sauce
1-1 1/2 tabs cummin powder
2 tabs chilli powder

stir and add salt & pepper

ready to serve in 1/2 hour or cook longer

serve with grated cheese / guacamole / corn chips / bread / salsa / shallots
or whatever takes your fancy

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