Gluten free Christmas Menu

so what did you have to eat for christmas this year?  we had brunch with my in-laws, and dinner with my family, and did the usual with mine where we all bring a few dishes to share.  here's what we had:

GF waffles
croissants (not GF sorry! from costco & very yum) & jam
banana cake
fruit - grapes and strawberries
coffee, juice and bubbly
and a chorizo tortilla (recipe from ryan's new jr masterchef book)

geoff was also supposed to make huevos rancheros but somehow got out of it!!!

BBQ'd salmon
lamb cutlets (meant to do this but ran out of time)
GF sausages
my sister did bread (GF & gluten rolls) with a mix of olives, bacon, heaps of garlic and some other ingredients in it and baked - yum!)
potato bean and bacon salad made by mum
asian noodle salad
leftover greek salad
hmmm i can't remember what else! oh a roasted beetroot and baby spinach salad (i ran out of pumpkin)
also chorizo stuffed mini peppers
i didn't get time to make a green pea salad which was going to be steamed snow peas, sugar snap peas and frozen peas with a fresh mint dressing

then my sister made a pavlova and a chocolate roll for dessert for us all, both with fruit.


for our annual christmas eve party i had done a roast pumpkin and beetroot with baby spinach salad, the greek salad and asian noodle salad, plus had done a GF version of the honey soy chicken wings, and some meat patties (burgers / rissoles) made with onion, soy sauce, egg and fresh oregano from our garden.

we ate well :D


Jo @ Quirky Cooking said...

Sounds great!! You're making me hungry...
Love your new blog background - very cute!! :)

brazen's crafts said...

thanks jo, it is pretty isn't it!

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

Sounds delicious indeed!

The InTolerant Chef ™ said...

Sounds yummy indeed! We had lots of roasts and veggies, and stuffed ourselves to the gills for the day! I guess it's lucky Chriztmas is only once a year:)

brazen's crafts said...

thanks for your comments all! yes, it is lucky we only eat like that once a year lol