Banana Cake (GF, TMX)

I've been searching for the perfect Banana Bread recipe for years, with no luck. This is not banana bread (alas) but is the best banana cake recipe I've ever had!

Modified to gluten free from Trudy's recipe.

115g butter
190g Gluten free Self Raising Flour
150g brown sugar
3/4 teaspoon bi-carb soda
3-4 over-ripe bananas
2 eggs
50g milk
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Insert the butterfly whisk.
Cream the butter and sugar - whisk at speed 4 until creamy (approx 1 min), stopping once or twice to scrape down sides of TM with spatula.
Add eggs and chopped bananas, whisk till mixed (approx 10 secs). Scrape sides of TM
Add flour, milk, vanilla & bi carb, whisk at speed 3 until combined. Scrape down sides of TM
Spoon mixture into greased and lined tin (I use 20cm ring tin).
Bake approx 40 mins 180C or until skewer inserted in the centre of cake comes out clean.

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