Review - Absolutely Delicious Naturally Gluten Free Bread

Last weekend we took a trip to the local Farmers Markets to have a look around as a friend had told me there was lots of gluten free stuff there.

we did find quite a lot including the cupcakes above, delicious GF sausages (the best we've had so far and not too expensive!) and the bread my sister had been telling me about for a while.... Naturally Gluten Free Bread.

we got to try as many varieties as we wanted, and we bought a loaf of the crunch, the mediterranean and the banana bread. they are all delicious!

they were $7.50 a loaf which seems like heaps, but I did the sums for Geoff last night (who was complaining that rora refused to eat the crunch bread - the loaf we got has far more poppy seeds in it than the sample we tried) and it's actually cheaper than the Country Life bread we buy in woolies - $97c/100g compared to $1.11/100g (i think they were the figures anyway lol)

If you're interested in trying it you can order online, or go to one of the outlets that sell it (click stockists to find your state / area) .

I highly recommend it!

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