Dragged, kicking and screaming...

well, not quite but I think Jayne was trying to make me blog again LOL meanie! hehe

so here is my first post :)


March 26, 2008

crazy i know, but i decided to start another blog (like i don't spend enough time online already) - i'm hoping it might get me a bit more inspired with food.

i USED to be great with food, in the kitchen. pre-kids this was. now i just resent it (until i get in there usually). on the other hand i'm trying (TRYING) to save money by cooking as much as i can, and reducing the number of pre-prepared food we have in our lives to reduce preservatives etc etc.

we buy organic F&V, that started because i wanted them home delivered and didn't want to have to pick what i wanted (http://www.organicexpress.com.au/) and then became hooked on the taste and freshness of organic F&V. i now buy some from organic express and as many things as possible from Choku Bai Jo in North Lyneham, which is run by the same people who have a stall at the local farmers market (which is too hard for me to get to) and is super cheap. sometimes the produce has only been picked that day too!!

i try to menu plan, but get bored with it easily lol

i have a cookbook addiction which i have severely curbed - i can't afford them and i rarely use them for anything other than inspiration! last count i had nearly 70 books - have sold some since then but also acquired more *blush*

in the kitchen i love gadgets and atm my favourite is my thermomix which i talked dh into buying last year. i don't use it much for cooking whole meals (though he does) but more for preparation and i am addicted to my fruit porridge every morning which tastes like heaven with way more calories than it has LOL

i had to fill my empty freezer so during the past weekend (after i recovered from being sick last week) i made several snacks for the kids:
chocolate chip cookies with oats and rice bubbles in them (i couldn't find any recipes so just kind of invented one based on this one which i hadn't been all that excited by, and this one (cna't find it now, will add link later) which i also wasn't excited by LOL
fruit truffles based on the thermomix vitality truffles (i used almonds and added cocoa)
apple muffins

tonight i'm trying to use up what's in the fridge as we're going away for the weekend so i'm planning to make pasta with a sauce based on a weight watchers recipe - with bacon, and grated zucchinis and carrots in a tomato base:

low fat pasta sauce:
finely dice 1 onion, fresh garlic (i used 4 cloves!) & bacon with all fat removed
fry lightly in a pan
add in grated zucchini and carrot
fry lightly until softened
add in diced tomatoes (fresh or tinned) and herbs if desired. (i like a little salt too)
cook until ready LOL (depends how much time you have)
and serve over pasta eg: penne

now as for who to tag, i'm not sure a) who still reads my neglected blog and b) who wouldn't mind being tagged for a meme! (i don't usually do them myself but was feeling guilty about my neglect lol)

the talented miss mousey at Hickory dickory blog
kylee at the brodricks go live 365
and daph at daph-a-dills who needs some cheering up atm, hope you feel better soon daph!

actually i have no idea if these people read here and / or will do memes, oops!


Cat J B said...

Hey, I just looked up your blog last night for the TM mac n cheese recipe, my kids love it. I don't want the meme though, but I'll still read if you're writing!

Jayne said...

yay! Mwahaha. But look, I cant be the only slack blogger being forced to blog eh?

That pasta sauce sounds ace. Gonna try it on DS...

muser said...

hey - I'm glad you're posting again. ;)

brazen's crafts said...

thanks guys!