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oh dear, i have 133 links saved in my bloglines ! no wonder it's so hard to find the new posts if there's not more than about 50 lol so here are the Indian ones I had saved to try one day...

Curry (Leaf) Powder
cumin / jeera bread
GLUTEN FREE bajra roti

Palak Panir
moth beans spinach gravy (what are moth beans)
vegetable & egg pulav
egg biriyani
pulav with whole spices
sweet & spicy okra
tomato saar (have made this and it's nice, VERY quick)
paneer butter masala
quick chickpea curry
aloo methi
bean & potato stirfry
garlicky lentils with spinach
potato okra stirfry
brinjal potato stirfry
tomato paneer
potato cauliflower curry
chickpea curry
Channa hariyali (chickpeas with coriander)
black bean curry & potato curry
mock aloo gobi (tmx)

chicken biriyani & gravy
methi chicken
grilled chicken kebab
Hyderabadi chicken biryani
methi murgh - chicken with fenugreek
murgh masallam
chicken vindaloo
chicken masala


aam kulfi
doodh peda
aam khand

hmmm well that got rid of 32 links lol i feel likei need to hold an indian themed dinner party to try some of these recipes - who's in?!

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