Bean and Bacon Risotto (GF, TMX)

based on the same risotto version as last time, and this recipe i found online (i was actaully looking for a recipe using green beans but decided i liked the sound of this one lol) sorry for the shocking picture! (don't click on it, it gets no bigger, i didn't have a single pic that wasn't out of focus! and yes, id idn't use my tmx to chop my bacon, naughty me lol)

3 bacon rashers, or 6 shortcut pieces, roughly cut into largeish pieces
1 medium onion, peeled and halved
15g olive oil
380g arborio rice
100g red wine
1 tin chopped tomatoes
900g water
1 tin borlotti beans, drains
chopped parsley, to serve
40g cream, optional

heat the thermomix 2 minutes varoma speed 1
add bacon, chop for 10 seconds on speed 5-6
saute for 3 minutes varoma speed 1
add onion on speed 5 for a few seconds
add olive oil
saute for 2mins 100C speed 1
pop in the butterfly
add arborio rice and wine
saute for 2mins 100c reverse speed 1
add in stock concentrate (or 2 stock cubes), tomatoes and water
cook for 11 mins 100c reverse speed 1
add borlotti beans and cream and cook a further 5 mins 100c reverse speed 1

Pour into thermoserver, mix to stir parsley through and leave to stand for 5 mins or so until more of the liquid is absorbed. serve with parmesan if desired

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Thermomixer said...

OMG - what will your GL say - not chopping the bacon in the TMX ?? heeheehee.

At least some GF foods are pretty b good !!