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On Boxing Day I took the girls out to the sales as soon as we all got up - I wanted to get more Christmas lights plus get out of the house for a while so G&R could rest (apparently ryan didn't wake til nearly 10am!!!)

I promised them we'd get something to eat after we'd had a look at a few shops (I found the sales very disappointing) so, knowing MB has gluten free, we headed there.

I do go to Muffin Break occasionally for this reason - and not only do they have GF (like most cafes), but they'll usually have 3-4 different options, whereas most cafes only have one. I have had a few of the GF cakes and slices before (shared rora's) and they were quite nice.

I do like knowing that they are recommended by the coeliac society (so they must have an idea of how to be really GF) but I generally don't go there because:
  • Their muffins used to be a cheap snack but for us as a family to go there for morning tea now usually costs us over $30, which is way too much for a snack IMO
  • They only accept cash
  • I don't actually like their muffins - except the bran ones - as i think they are over-mixed, pre-packaged cakes, not proper muffins at all, and not remotely like homemade
The day we went and I had made it quite obvious that Rora needed gluten free - check milk shake ingredients etc, and yet they still brought out her babycino with chocolate on top, which they had no idea if it was GF or not...

I had also been there before christmas with girlfriends and we'd gone there because they told me they were open til 10pm when i asked. They were quite rude though, actually coming out to ask if we were going to order when we were still waiting for a few to turn up (no, we're sitting at the tables closest to the kitchen jsut to look pretty humph) and then they packed up totally all around us and gave us 'get out' hints, when it was only about 920pm!!!!!!!!!!

if you have a review about Muffin Break, especially in regard to their gluten free products please feel free to post in my comments :)

oh and PS: i didn't escape the gastro bug :( am just hoping the girls don't get it next :(

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