Chocolate Chip n Cashew Cookies (GF, TMX)

based on a recipe from the Thermomix Everyday book - which has a terrible error in my copy, do NOT use the bicarb in them! - these aren't as good as my fave cookies of all times, but are much quicker and easier ;) the times and speeds below are out of the everyday cookbook as well and I remember they weren't right but I didn't write down the correct ones - will do that next time and update!

100g raw cashews
250g softened butter *
150g raw sugar
10g vanilla essence
2 eggs
300g gluten free plain flour **
pinch salt
200g chocolate chips (or block chocolate in chunks - use tmx turbo)

preheat oven to 190'c

place nuts in tmx bowl, chop on speed 4 until lightly chopped (maybe 3-5 seconds?)

add butter and melt for 30 seconds at 50'c on speed 3 (* my butter was straight from the fridge so I melted it for around 80 seconds)

add sugar and vanilla and mix for 20 seconds on speed 3

add eggs and beat on speed 3 gradually adding dry ingredients for up to 30 seconds.

add choc bits and mix for 10 seconds on reverse + speed soft (i think i had to use speed 3 or so to mix here)

drop teaspoonfuls onto trays and bake 10-12 mins

** i make my own using the recipe in the Gluten Free Wheat Free cookbook

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