Quick & Easy Slow Cooker Spag Bol Sauce (GF)

My slow cooker is a 5L and this amount of spaghetti bolognaise sauce nearly filled it, so please adjust if yours is smaller. This amount made enough for 4 meals for the 5 of us.

1.5kg lean mince, broken up with a spoon as you put it in.
1-2 onions, chopped (i chopped everything in the thermomix on speed 5)
5-6 carrots & / or zucchinis, chopped finely
6-8 shortcut rashers bacon, chopped finely
around 1 cup red lentils
2 large jars of pasta sauce (I use the Aldi Organic one) or a bottle of passata / sugo
few spoonfuls of tomato paste, optional
splash of red wine - about 1/4 cup
herbs to taste (i don't need these with the pasta sauce but would use them with passata)
stock powder or stock concentrate to taste (i used 1 dessert spoon full of stock concentrate)

place it all in the slow cooker on high or auto. I checked on it for the first half hour before leaving, stirring it around a bit.
If you don't have auto turn down to low and cook for 6-10 hours.

serve with pasta, baked potatoes, in lasagne etc.

note: you definitely don't need any liquid other than the wine and pasta sauce!

And as to what I did with my thermomix yesterday... you're looking at it above! I work on Wednesday afternoons & evenings and spend the morning preparing, so I don't do any cooking other than sometimes preparing dinner for geoff to give the kids while I'm at work. I didn't even make my breakfast as I had the leftover GF bread with avocado on it!

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