My Day with my Thermomix


ok, on a whim I've decided to do this for a week - as long as I remember LOL first of all i want to share some links - thanks to baf65 for the link to this great US story / Thermomix review

that link led me to this one which I'm not sure I'd seen before - heaps of recipes on the UK site...

so what did I use my thermomix for today:

  • the usual Porridge with brown rice flakes, quinoa, a banana and rice milk
  • Chicken Stock Concentrate - this turned out to be very concentrated indeed! so nice to know it's all natural :)
  • Caramel Milkshake for the kids' afternoon tea (yes, we're on a milkshake bender atm!)
  • Cyndi O'Meara's Gluten Free Bread for dinner
  • Lexie's Lentil Soup for tonight's dinner - HUGE hit with the kids! though a little salty due to too much stock concentrate lol
  • Chocolate custard for the kids' dessert (they missed out last night as G used buckwheat flour and it made the custard inedible)

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