Devonshire Tea for a gloomy day (GF, TMX)

whipped up a batch of scones for afternoon tea which are practically gone already (and i didn't even have one!) so thought i'd make a note of the recipe so i don't forget. my original dough was a little sticky so I'm guessing at the amount of flour and more may be required...

based loosely on this recipe of mum's (good grief i can't believe i haven't posted it yet, it's the best recipe ever!).

Gluten Free Scones
200g gluten free flour (i use the mix in the GF cookbook and my cornflour is yellow hence the yellowish tinge to the scones ;))
2 tspns or more of GF baking powder (again i've made the one in the everyday cookbook)
1 egg
200ml pure cream (or you can use whipping cream)

place flour and egg in bowl
mix on closed lid + knead setting, pouring cream through while the blades are turning. knead until well mixed and comes together into a ball
flour a baking sheet on a tray and place dough ball on top. press out to about 1" / 2.5cm then cut out rounds
gather up the leftover dough and reform into a ball and flatten and repeat the process until all dough is used (with no gluten you can reform as much as you want and it will never toughen up - yay for GF benefits!!!)

bake in a hot oven (around 200'c) for 10-15 mins until brown and don't feel springy

serve with jam and cream made in the thermomix ;) (but don't let it turn to butter LOL)

NOTE: the quantity above was just totally polished off by my 3 kids and geoff, with ryan asking for more, so might investigate doubling the recipe next time!

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