Our Menu for Christmas Day

what's yours?

here's what's on ours...

(at home, probably just us but possibly also my sister in law and / or my parents)

gluten free pancakes - blueberry for us and plain for the kids
served with maple syrup and bacon

i'd like to make something else but no idea what - has to be quick & easy! or make ahead & freezable. (i'm thinking maybe something like this)

(a BBQ at my sister's place with my family)

we will be taking
the lentil, beetroot & feta salad
the bbq lamb cutlets
probably a gluten free version of the asian noodle salad

rocky road plus some GF rocky road (i think i just need to use cadburys choc and take out the toblerone)
im also hoping to make a gluten free cheesecake


Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me! I'm off the hook this year. Which is weird. I'll make croissants for breakfast, savoury with cheese organic bacon, sweet with a choice of apple and fig or apricot and nectarine jams.

Lunch is at MILs. I believe she's doing the whole turkey catastrophe. Odd. She's a vegetarian. She's in Gippsland so we'll be there overnight, I'm guessing leftovers for dinner. Nice and relaxing if everyone behaves LOL

You seem to be adjusting to the gluten free thing brilliantly.

brazen's crafts said...

that is odd that she's doig the turkey as a vegetarian! there are easier roasts to do lol

glad to hear you get off easy! generally we don't have to do anything much when the IL's do their celebration.

i do feel like the GF thing is not so hard now i have supplies ;) blows me away the number of different flours different recipes call for though! and of course atm i know nothing about any of them so can't sub one for another lol