some new links...

i'll sort them into my categories later but wanted to share them first (they're clogging my bloglines lol)

savoury zucchini bread from aayi

everything in A Mad Tea Party's post caught my eye! but the recipe is for a pumpkin curry with coconut

just about out of season for us now, but a morroccan lentil soup recipe for the slow cooker from A Year of Crockpotting

sweet & sour chicken from jaden hair of steamy kitchen, on simply recipes (she seems to get around as a guest blogger lol) anyone wanna be my guest blogger? ;D

pistachio white chocolate chip cookies also on simply recipes

the best lemon squares ever
from cookie madness

from deb at smitten kitchen: wheat bread without a timetable, and how to make a baguette

from cheap healthy good, a camping recipe - yay! camp stove veggie chilli - nearly time for me to plan our camping menu!

soemthing i've always wanted to try and haven't yet - a white chilli! here's a creamy white chilli from Full Bellies, Happy Kids (for the aussies, great northern beans are cannellini beans :))
She's also shared a Molasses oat cookie recipe

an english muffin recipe from the Domestic Goddess in Training - we haven't eaten them in years becuase of preserviative 282

this sandwich looks soooooo yummy it makes me hungry everytime i see it!!!

apple spice bars from good things catered...
garlic roasted cauliflower...
and also her easy cheesy beer bread

i LOVE figs so these caught my eye - fresh fig and walnut cookies from Sugar & Spice

the lovely and clever ingrid's orange breakfast muffins

and last but not least sauteed spinach with potatoes from hooked on heat

i'm almost inspired to cook tonight - except we have more turkish leftovers to eat! LOL

and for those who love their vegie gardens, i was very taken with dani's - mainly because it looks so similar to ours in size and shape lol i LOVE the wonky pavers, that was something i wanted to do in ours originally (when we had money for landscaping lol!)


Dani said...

Our wonky pavers are actually just spares from our paved areas plonked on the veg bed so I don't have to walk on the soil. Stops it getting compacted or so I'm led to believe. Th actual paved area is the bane of my weed destroying existence.

Cookie Madness said...

Great list! Thanks for pointing toward the crock pot lentil soup. Sounds good for a cold day.