Which came first?

Poached eggs with tomato sauce and greens
it was an eggy dinner tonight. needed another quick and easy, thursdays are the last day of my working week and we are all always exhausted.

This recipe from deb at smitten kitchen had me drooling when it turned up in my bloglines, so i decided that was dinner tonight. i knew the kids wouldn't be interested so their dinner was thermomix scrambled eggs *

i pretty much followed the recipe (mostly, you know me :p) for ours, though i had a bunch of greens in the fridge i wanted to try, i suspected it was Kale. as it turned out i'm pretty sure it is (the crone tells me it's the portuguese national vegie lol). anyway, i have a new love <3 YUM!!!!!!!!!! geoff wasn't as keen on teh kale but that's too bad because i'm the vegie buyer and mostly the vegie cooker and he eats what he's told or has to cook instead LMAO!!!

we ate it with leftover turkish bread from our dinner last night (which was also today's lunch and will be tomorrow's dinner LOL i LOVE turkish banquets!)

i also forgot to report back on my baking on the weekend...
the golden oat muffins are delish! so far the kids havne't got to try them ;p (they are not muffins fans anyway) i did share with g tonight but he's not a big golden syrup fan either.
the apple cake was a bit bleh, so-so, boring. not much of it was eaten and i think it will end up in teh compost (i am such a bad example of how not to waste food)
the orange cakes have been an occasional treat for the kids and they love them (except rory who seems to be anti cake atm)

oh and in other food related news rora had her paediatrician apmt this week and as soon as we can get her iron levels up to a safe level for a general anaesthetic she will be tested for coeliac disease. i'll also be asking for a proper diagnosis of my IBS as there is apparently a formal test for that too, but my gp just told me i had it. poor possum, i hope she doesn't have it. (we suspected a dairy / lactose / something intolerance)

* i still had trouble with cookign the eggs. finally got it to work, but had to up the temperature more and more. i think i did 12 minutes at 80', then 3 minutes at 100' and then 2 minutes at varoma. i also had to turn the speed up for all but the last few minutes

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Dani said...

Kale is awesome stuff. We love it over here.

We'll be crossing all our bits for Aurora.