making banana bread!

making banana cakes!
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this morning we made banana bread!

the room leader in ryan and emelia's daycare room was leaving to go overseas with her parther and we hadn't had a chance to do anything over the weekend (plus i forgot!)

since i was up early this morning i decided that i'd make this banana bread and we'd take it down for Aimy as a gift. I'd jsut started when the girls got out of bed and wanted to help :)

i had trouble with the breads cooking! (i had doubled the recipe, but cooked it in two tins) it took longer than i thought adn then when the skewer finally came out clean i took them out of the oven. after being out all morning for various appointments and dropping the other bread to aimy, i got home to find what looked like a mini cow pat under our cake :-0 turns out it wasn't cooked through and all the uncooked guts of the cake had slowly dripped out through a crack in the top of the cake!!! i am just hoping aimy's (which was wider and flatter than ours) was cooked through properly!

some of you might know that i'm on the quest for the perfect banana bread. this one comes pretty damn close! it is a VERY nice banana bread! the only thing that lets it down is perhaps that i'm looking for something a little extra in it, and it is not all that healthy lol but it really is the absolute best contender so far! thanks to nigella and alicia from posie gets cosy ...

(i will have to experiment with my apple sauce substitution trick)

and another cake made today...
this afternoon i made an orange and poppyseed cake for my dad for fathers day (as you know i wasn't feeling up to it on sunday). i didn't get to taste it (or to ice it) but it smelled good! (and the batter tasted good - shhhh!)

i will let you know what he thinks ;)

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