YUM! sunday cooking

had to duck to lincraft to get a zipper for emelia's princess dress which is my main project this weekend, so i didn't get home til noon. finally cooked up those two caulis into soup which the kids have devoured - it is soooo good!

slight variation on the usual due to lack of ingredients and time:

onion, stock powder and water, about 1-2 garlic cloves crushed, 2 whole caulis cut into florets (large), 1 apple - cook til falling apart
add in some chive cream cheese and buttermilk and blend

serve with homemade garlic bread - yum~

we are also making jam drops as i bought a packet of raspberry tartlets the other day and ryan was addicted but no way i'm buying them all the time. used this recipe but had to add quite a bit more flour (but forgot to weigh it).

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Dani said...

the cauli soup sounds divine with apple in it. Must try that.