Another coeliac in the family... most likely

our older daughter had a endoscopy today after several 'borderline' blood results and about 9 months of symptoms including sore tummy after eating gluten,aching bones, tiredness, weight gain, irritability and diarrhea etc

while the endoscopy wasn't obviously positive it wasn't definitely negative either. the surgeon said with her particular blood results (which he is the first to explain to us - her IGA was low (???)) that he believes she is coeliac but it may never show as positive in bloods or endoscopy until too late. so we're trialling a gluten free diet to see if it helps her and get official test results in 2 weeks.

so I daresay i will be trialling some new GF recipes in the near future - stay tuned!!! my first project is a gluten free turkish bread as she adores that stuff!


Kristy@SeeMyFootprints said...

Howdy Brazen.
Just curious what you meant by 'her particular kind of blood results' means it wouldn't show until it was too late?
and the 'IGA?' thing... what was that about, did they tell you?


Karen TW said...

you're not going to get a good explanation from me, because i didn't really understand it in the first place, but here goes lol

apparently because of her IGA results it's possible that she may NEVER get a positive blood test or even biopsy, yet still be coeliac.

the IGA was just a particular combination that can lead to that.

so she is currently on a gluten free diet for a 6 month trial, after which we will repeat the blood test results. If they return negative then the gastro surgeon is willing to diagnose her as coeliac. If they haven't changed (they were only slightly over the cut-off for positive) then she can go back on gluten and it will just be a case of keeping a close eye on her bloods in future...

though it does make me wonder how many biopsies she will have to go through if she has to have one with each positive blood result

Karen TW said...

I'll try to find out more about the IGA - my sister has the same results so she knows more...