Waffles (GF, DF, TMX)

based on the recipe that came with our waffle maker.

makes a lot of waffles - around 20 small ones in our maker.

280g self raising gluten free flour, or:
     30g coconut flour,
     20g besan / chickpea flour
     30g flaxmeal
     200g gluten free plain flour, and
     1 tab baking powder
230g rice or other milk
90g nuttelex, melted (or you could probably use rice bran oil)
2 eggs
20g maple syrup
water as required

put everything except water in the tmx and mix on speed 4. scrape down and mix again. then, with tmx on speed 4, slowly add water until batter is just pouring consistency.

cook according to directions for your waffle maker...

HOWEVER: i found that if you wanted crispy crunchy waffles it was better not to spray the maker with cooking spray -if you wanted slightly softer ones, better to spray between EVERY waffle :)

we had ours with maple syrup and chopped fruit (strawberries, mango and watermelon). rora also had hers with nutella.


karen said...

Do you buy or make your coconut flour?

Karen TW said...

buy, i have no clue how to make! (and haven't bothered to google lol)

karen said...

Where do you buy it? Health food place? Have casually looked in supermarkets, but no luck. We're going to trial a wheat-free diet because of the diabetes link, among other things.

Karen TW said...

yes, HFS - it's not cheap but i just use a little to add a yummy flavour and some extra fibre to GF baking. i find it too absorbant to use on its own, plus too strong in flavour.

i think i got mine at the FHS in civic so you can probably get it at the store in the mall :)

Unknown said...

I've tried this recipe yesterday and my kids loved it!! Thanks for this. :)

Karen TW said...

glad they liked it! thanks for letting me know :D