Menu Plan - family plan!

well i'm very excited to announce that i didn't write this plan (not only the actual writing, which i hope it obviously not done by me lol, but the content). can you believe i only suggested two recipes for the whole thing?! woohoo!!! i only wrote the shopping list to go with it ;)

Pesto Pasta
Roast Beef & veg
Spinach & Potato soup
Curried Sausages
PUmpkin soup
Nuggets & Chips (G & I will have something else)
Sloppy Joes
Chicken Soup
Sausages & vegetables & mash

chicken stock concentrate

as you can see lots of soup on the menu - even though it's what is passing for summer around here still - i've realised that my kids LOVE soup, even vegetable soups, and don't care that it's hot. soup is healthy and easy. so i've been including lots of soup lately - though not this much lol

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