Menu Plan

Last week I didn't even get around to taking my menu plan off my shopping list. as a result we didn't stick to it all that well! i can't remember much of what was on it, i know we had hamburgers on enight. we also tried West African Sweet Potato Soup which G&I really liked, and it was soooo easy - but unfortunately not one of the kids would eat it :(

Pasta Fagiole (TMX)
beef with red wine (slow cooker) and mash (TMX)
Pasta with salami (TMX)
honey soy chicken with stir fry veg and rice (TMX)
sloppy joes in buns with chips
meat balls in tomato sauce with soemthing (maybe too much pasta already) (TMX)

diced beef
red wine
chinese veg
green capsicum

broccoli from the garden

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