Gluten free success! Scottish Potato Cakes (GF, TMX)

i don't think i can rave enough about how yummy these were!!! and so so easy. I'm thinking that they might even be good as a bigger wrap, as they seemed to roll quite well around some egg.

Recipe was from here and was very simple to convert both to gluten free and to thermomix.

Next time i'll double the mix though.

250g potatoes, cooked, cooled and peeled (i only cooled mine for about 5-10 mins after cutting them open into quarters) this is 2 small - medium potatoes
125g gluten free plain flour (or i used 30g brown rice flour, 40g tapioca starch and 45g maize flour)
½ tsp baking powder
good sprinkle salt
½ tsp pepper
30g butter
1/2 cup milk *
extra butter for frying

put potato in thermomix bowl, set dial to closed lid and pulse using turbo 2-3 times until there are no lumps of potato left, but you don't want glue!
add all other ingredients and pulse for 4-5 slightly longer times (2-3 secs instead of 1 lol) until it all comes together.

remove from tmx, knead lightly, roll into a ball, cut into 8 equal pieces. roll each piece into a ball then flatten between palms to get a nice round smooth shape.

melt a little butter in a pan and lightly fry 3-5 mins until golden brown in spots.

we had ours with poached eggs, and i also had rocket from our garden and diced avocado with mine. rora had hers just with butter YUM!

* PS: i have just seen in the recipe there was meant to be milk, i missed that (find it difficult to see everything when ingredients are all on one long line) so didn't use it, they were perfect without it so i'm not sure if i'd bother.


Quirky Cooking said...

Yum, these sounds good - must try them! thanks :)

brazen's crafts said...

they were jo! hope you like them!