Busy day of cooking!

soups and cakes :)


and this afternoon i did some baking for the cake stall our school has on election day (it's a polling place and apparently the cake stall does a crazy business with all the voters!). all cakes were gluten free (half because i like providing that option and you can't really tell they're GF anyway and half because i'm too damn lazy to dig out the gluten flour and then do all the special cleaning up it requires afterwards):
  • apple tea cake (wasn't cooked in teh middle despite the skewer coming out clean :()
  • banana bread (burned despite being in the oven for less time than the recipe said, and at 20'c less, aagh, i hate my oven!)
  • caramel cake (the apple tea cake recipe minus apple etc and with brown sugar instead of raw)
  • strawberry cake (the apple teacake with strawberries instead of apples ;))
now i'm exhausted! lol

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