The Fairy Party (GF)

well, I ended up deciding that 25 kids were far too many to cope with, even at the park and went with 3 (we do one for each year and I forgot she was turning 4 haha as it is we had all the siblings join us and had a total of 10 kids lol)

I still went for the original menu ideas as I still needed easy.

to make the fairy cups I looked for some suitable bought gluten free biccies but no such luck, so I used a sugar cookie recipe from the new GF baking book i had bought in January. I'll post the thermomix conversion later but they were very nice! you'll have to excuse the photos, I'm still having to use my camera phone as we can't afford to replace our camera atm.

I used gluten free marshmallows I'd found in a discount store (they were a little tall and thin), Allen's Freckles, musk Lifesavers and icing coloured with a little cochineal. they were a hit and I had ended up with nearly 40 cookies so, after they were taste tested by the family, i was able to make enough fairy cups to send to school too.

for the cake, I attempted to make another 'rainbow' cake but used this recipe instead - disaster! the recipe was far too runny and i ended up with a cake that had a vague brown colour through the middle with a pinkish layer on the bottom and a chocolate layer on top LOL I also had my usual disaster with over-colouring the icing but was assured it was "Tinkerbell green" not to mention how shockingly the icing was applied (but i didn't realise til i saw the photos!) lol Rora loved it so that's what counts!

the birthday party went well too by the way, but the 4yo attitude could do with some work ;)


Anonymous said...

Awesome GF party. I am doing a small BBQ for Will in early April

Unknown said...

Ahhhh, she's adorable Karen and the food looks great. xxx Lynn