We LOVE Aldi!!! (GF)

First of all we love Aldi for their fantastic prices, then we love it because of their cool specials, then we love the fact they've gotten rid of the worst colours (or are in the process of doing so, and as a result have woolies and coles following their lead)

We started shopping at Aldi when they first came to Canberra, which must be 8-9 or so years ago I think. We didn't shop there a lot back then as it was a 45 minute drive to get there, but when we got our first store on this side of town we started shopping there a lot more often.

Now we do most of our shopping at Aldi. Going gluten free threw a spanner in the works! We couldn't buy GF at Aldi!!!! (not to mention the fact that suddenly I had to shop at 8 different shops, when i LOATHE shopping! lol). so I'm excited everytime I discover something new at Aldi that is gluten free, and it does seem like everytime I go in I find something new....

disclaimer: products can change at any time (especially at Aldi!) so PLEASE check labels before purchasing as gluten free, even if it's on the list below!

Here are some of the products we have found which are either marked as gluten free, or gluten free by ingredient, and containing no 'may contain' warning:

  • Marshmallows
  • "Ropes" (like very long skinny snakes)
  • plain rice crackers
  • rice cakes / thins
  • mini meringues (haven't seen these in a while but they were in vanilla and chocolate flavours)
  • organic pasta sauce
  • organic corn chips - including cheese flavour
  • Hoisin sauce
  • sweet chilli sauce
  • Lil chocettes (mini chocolate bars)
  • Kinder surprise (3 pack)
  • ham
  • american frankfurts
  • cocktail frankfurts
  • salami
  • custard - individual serves
  • some of their frozen chips, fries and now wedges (yay)
  • fresh rice noodles
  • shortcut bacon
  • Sesame Snaps
  • tomato sauce / ketchup
  • grated cheese
  • icecream
  • iceblocks and icecreams
  • cornflour is now 100% maize!
  • taco kits (i think, haven't bought one for a while)
  • rice cream (tinned, i think, again, haven't bought this in a long time)
  • cream cheese, including the herb one
  • cheese rockets (cheese sticks, these are non refridgerated though)
  • organic salsa
  • baked beans (** we have just discovered that the Corale brand ones are marked as possibly containing gluten :( still to check the usual Pantry Value brand ones)
  • and of course most of the usual GF things such as milk, plain meat (not the processed or marinated ones), rice, tinned vegies etc etc
  • Aldi also have occasional special GF products in store

you can check products and their prices here. of course there are no doubt many more, but these are the ones we buy sometimes.

there are some things we used to buy - such as the plain corn chips (not organic) that are now marked with 'may contain traces of' :(

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nellbe said...

Thank you so much for posting this info.. I usually shop for some things at Aldi but because I have 2 young boys I am usually in and out and I don't have time to stop and check things out. There were some things I knbew already but some were a shock - wedges? - organic corn chips? - marshmallows? I cannot wait to get there now and check them out!